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"The highway, oh, the highway.  No place, in theory, is boring of itself.  Boredom lies only with the traveler's limited perception and his failure to explore deeply enough."  William Least Heat-Moon in Blue Highways.


Website Update 12/6:

Added a link to my new Drive the Broadway of America Through Texas book!  Click on book cover images for purchasing info!

My story?  I accidentally discovered old Route 66 while motoring one sunny day along super-slab I-40 near Flagstaff, Arizona.  I'd heard of it, but it really existed?  Wow!  From then on, a special interest was born, not just of Route 66, but of the glitz, glammer, kitsch and excitement of America's roadside past.  From childhood trips, I remembered buzzing neon signs, a siren's call to a weary family excitedly trying to decide where to spend the night.  Albino rattlesnakes, mysterious teepees, greasy spoon diners and rubber tomahawks added to the thrill.  The road wasn't just a way to get from here to there, it was an integral part of your trip.  Now as an adult, I look around and wonder, "Where have those places gone?"  They've been replaced by a dull monotony courtesy of the mega-corporations as a numbing sameness spreads across the land. 


Well I still remember them!  How long has it been since you saw something unique along the road?  How long has it been since you considered a road trip an adventure into and of itself?  Probably far too long.  So this web was created as a way to reminisce about some of the fun and flair that used to make every trip a special occasion.  Click on one of the links above in the header for some pictures of my experiences along the road and please send me some of yours...I'm looking forward to seeing what's out there.


Jeff Jensen

One won't miss a thing along the Bankhead/Highway 80 corridors with these drive guides in hand!


BookFront 03-22-18wix.jpg

$38.00 plus $5.00 S&H.  PayPal preferred to  


Now available on as well!


Click the image above for additional book details and contact/payment info.

Folks, here it is! Drive the Broadway of America across Texas is THE definitive drive guide for old Highway 80 and its precursors: the Bankhead Highway and Broadway of America auto trails across the great state of TEXAS!  No wimpy pamphlet, this is a hefty 280-page *FULL-COLOR drive guide.   Macro-level tour maps are accompanied by a running narrative of what one will encounter along the way.  Hundreds of my own photos, postcards and vintage advertisements bring the text to life.  In the back?  **80 PAGES** of micro-level mile-by-mile/turn-by-turn color-coded maps ensure you won't miss a thing. Thousands of hours of research and thousands of miles of road-tested directions have been brought together in one easy to use package.  I'm sure you will have as much fun reading it and then hitting the road yourself as I have had doing the explorations and research.

"Click the image above for additional book details and contact/payment info.

"As one who has spent two decades exploring, charting, and documenting Route 66, I can say without hesitation that Jeff Jensen has elevated himself into the upper echelon of road scholars with Broadway of America.  His exceptional accounting of the old US 80 and Bankhead Highway corridor leaves no stone unturned, revealing a marvelous grab bag of ruins, old roadbed, and other roadside attractions. The maps are dead-on and the images mouth-watering. I've made the trip twice and can't wait to do it again!"

Jim Ross

Author, Oklahoma  Route 66

Drive the Broadway of America across the American Southwest

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