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Vintage Cars and Brightwork

Yes, today's cars are more fuel efficient and powerful than ever before.  But in order to get there, in my humble opinion, something has been lost: The unique body shapes and stylings that made those vintage vehicles of yesteryear truly original.  Each was almost instantly identifiable with their own line of hood ornaments and 'brightwork' (chrome) detaiIing.  Today, one is hard pressed to tell a Honda from a Lexus as all cars are approaching that wind tunnel inspired egg shape with the only difference being the interior options and price tags.


Therefore, I've tried to capture some of those elements of individuality that made many of these vehicles special and still revered today.  These pieces of American iron were not just utilitarian - many approached stylish pieces of art.




But time, it doesn't stand still.  If not lovingly maintained, these classic pieces of molded iron and chrome will begine to decay and eventually find their way to some junkyard or forgotten corner of an overgrwon field.  Though perhaps not as shiny and new, these old rusty relics still have a certain charm about them as well, so I invite you to explore my Rusty Relics photo pages.  Perhaps you've driven by one of these very same vehicles on one of your trips out west!



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