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Drive the Broadway of America:
Your Travel Guide to the U.S. 80 and Bankhead Highways Across the American Southwest
(New Mexico to the Pacific)



The BOOK version is SOLD OUT!


CD Version is only $7.00 U.S. which includes shipping and handling!*  Alabama residents please add 4.0% sales tax ($0.40).


*Shipping & handling included in the continental U.S.  All others please e-mail for actual charges.


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Jeff Jensen
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Folks, here it is, updated to 2013/2014 conditions!  Drive the Broadway of America (BOA) through the American Southwest (New Mexico to the Pacific).  A 222 full-color page driving guide (only CD-version left).  No wimpy pamphlet here.  Included within the narrative: hundreds of my own photos, postcards and vintage advertisements.  Dozens of mile by mile maps.  Folks, thousands of hours of research, thousands of miles of road-tested directions, and the best ideas of other drive guides have been combined into ONE definitive drive guide for good ol' Highway 80, the Bankhead Highway and the BOA routings across the vast, wide-open American Southwest. 


I'm sure you will have as much fun reading his and then hitting the road as I I have had doing the explorations and research.   So if you're a serious roadie at heart, I'm sure you will agree that this will be a 'MUST HAVE' addition to your collection.





It's 1920.  Roads were atrocious if they existed at all.  In this post WW1 era, the call went out to find the best all-weather military road to move men and goods from coast to coast, so a second transcontinental convoy was organized and sent from Washington, D.C. to find it.  Three months and many speeches later, the convoy finally rolled into downtown San Diego.  Generally following what was known as the Bankhead Highway and later the Broadway of America, from Dallas on west, this old road would eventually be mostly overlaid by U.S. 80.


I've scoured the libraries.  I've done the research and the roadwork.  All you have to do now is enjoy.  Come on and see what became of that ol' Broadway of America!


Notes on the format.  As the owner of several travel guides, I've taken what I consider to be the best features of all of them and combined them into this format.  For example:

  • It is designed to be able to be read as a broad overview - broken up into easily accessible 'Tours' with the text a running narrative of the sights and sounds along the way.  If you want some real meaty detail, you can jump off at any time into one of the accompanying color coded factoid boxes to discover interesting tidbits of history and the exact 'where is it'? of roadside attractions and older alignments in the area.  This way, one won't get bogged down in the details...unless they want to.

  • Diehard roadies can utilize the turn-by-turn maps at the back of the book for extremely detailed directions that will give one exact info as to what was where, when and is it drivable/accessible.  These maps are easily read from either direction: east to west or west to east as I don't use odometer readings, but landmarks and existing highway mileage markers.  Color coded for easy alignment visualization, a blue line always means an old auto route and/or original 80, an orange line means the main or 1930's alignment, and a green line always means a circa 1940 and on newer alignment.  At a glance, the evolution of old 80 is yours!

  • IN COLOR, the whole guide is interspersed with literally hundreds of my own photographs, vintage advertisements and antique postcards.  Even if you can't hit the road today, you'll almost feel like you've been there by the time you're through.

  • Written in detail as if driving in an east to west manner, there is also a broader west to east narrative. 


From the New Mexico/Texas state line to the Pacific ocean, you won't need another guide to the old Bankhead or U.S. 80 Highways.  It's all here.

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