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Bygone Byways Americana

The American road - there never really has been anything quite like it anywhere else in the world; and probably will never be again.  From huge dinosaurs and axe-wielding lumberjacks to gas stations shaped like teapots and motels shaped like teepees, the road used to be a wild and intriguing adventure in and of itself.


Unfortunately, many of these great reminders of America's unique car culture are disappearing rapidly.  The ravages of time coupled with rising valuations and taxes are accelerating the pace of destruction.  Help me to capture some of these remaining gems.  I'll start with a few goodies from my own collection such as a few items from my home state of Iowa and a few from trips to Colorado and Utah, but I need your help to flesh-out those areas and states that I have not had the pleasure to visit.  Drop me a photo with any information you can provide, and I'll post it here!  In the meantime, happy motoring and stay off of those super slabs as much as possible!

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